1 Ton Aluminum Foil 3003 Price

Aluminum foil 3003 has good processing performance, higher strength and elongation than 8011 aluminum foil, especially for three-cavity or multi-cavity containers with complex shapes and structures, which can ensure the strength of the container and punching. Therefore, 3003 aluminum foil for making food container.

Aluminum foil 3003 for making food container and can be divided into corrugated aluminum foil containers and wrinkle-free aluminum foil containers. Aluminum foil containers can be used as fruit containers, plates, lunch boxes, airplane lunch boxes, ward food containers, refrigerators, cold storage containers, etc., with easy storage, easy heat treatment, and convenient recycling. With the widespread application, the demand for aluminum foil containers has increased rapidly in recent years, and the requirements for aluminum foil containers have also increased accordingly. In addition to aluminum foil 3003H24, there are other aluminum alloys that can be used, but the quantity is much lower than that of aluminum foil 3003 H24.

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1 Ton Aluminum Foil 3003 Price. This is a problem that every customer is more concerned about. When customers purchase aluminum foil, from the customer's point of view, the quality, price, delivery date, payment method, etc. of the aluminum foil are all very concerned about problem. From the emergence of the COVID-19 in 2020 to the present, aluminum raw materials have been showing an upward trend. If you want to know 1 ton Aluminum Foil 3003 Price, you can contact us by leaving a message, and your information will receive our timely attention.
Aluminum Foil 8011 Food Grade is also one of our superior products. We are here to serve you! Welcome to consult.
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