Aluminum foil has high flexibility, decoration and protection. It has basically replaced asphalt moisture-proof paper, and has become the leading packaging material for cigarette packaging. Aluminium foil will also gradually push out the aluminized paper that has just emerged from the field of cigarette packaging.
The combination of the smoke foil adopts the wet bonding process, which has better production efficiency, economy and environmental protection than the dry method and the hot melt bonding. It uses a water-soluble or water-dispersible adhesive to bond aluminum foil to a porous, highly hygroscopic liner, eliminating the problems associated with the use of enamel solvents in dry-laid applications, such as environmental pollution. Residual solvents in the product, additional waste gas recovery and discharge devices, etc., so that the production process and products are more hygienic and safe.
 At present, China is the world's largest cigarette producer and consumer, and the cigarette packaging market is huge. The aluminum foil composite paper currently used in this field has accounted for 40%-50% of aluminum foil consumption.
Tin foil prevents tar from evaporating, while cigarettes contain tar, which lasts longer.
Aluminium foil could Prevent the original taste of cigarettes from escaping and affect the taste of cigarettes;
Aluminium foil could Prevent cigarettes from becoming moldy due to moisture absorption;
Aluminium foil could Prevent the taste of cigarettes from affecting other things, such as clothes and food.
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