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HTMM GROUP is a specialized high quality aluminium foil manufacturer
Henan and Shandong Province are our main production bases.
HTMM Aluminium company was founded in 2009.The main products are aluminum ingots, aluminum bars, coils, and foil, etc.

Our manufacturing plant possesses a strong industrial capacity, a professional and highly experienced workforce, and the technologically advanced equipment.
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Three thin gauge aluminium foil rolling mills with speeds up to 1800 meters per minute.
Each mill runs with continuous process control systems which ensure consistent product thickness and flatness, as well as a highly sensitive, visual detector based surface control system that delivers the highest quality of manufactured coil.
Four separators and two slitters that allow custom widths within ± 1 mm tolerance at speeds up to 1200 meters per minute.
Coil splices are made via an ultrasound method enabling customers highly customized products with extended coil lengths.
Technologically advanced equipment
our success lies in our focus in quality, in order to anticipate our customers needs .Thus we achieve the maximum efficiency and best quality of our products .
Twelve annealing ovens which obtain optimal mechanical performance characteristics according to each customer’s specifications. Each oven possesses automatic temperature and time adjustment mechanisms which guarantee the best results.
Products receive minimal handling as a transportation system advances coils automatically through each stage of the production process from storage, through the ovens, and finally through packing.
An automated vertical warehouse storage system with a capacity of 110 coils (1,400 tons) that feeds the entire production process automatically – ensuring minimal production time and maximum results.
Three roll grinders which help eliminate any potential surface defects that could result in the production process, and ensure the highest quality and care for all our products.
Automatic power saw that enables the tailoring of each steel core tube on which our coils are wound in order achieve a perfect fit on each core.