where can i buy 30 micron aluminium foil ?

Where can you buy 30 micron aluminum foil?

Aluminum Foil is widely used in food packaging, radiation shielding (barrier and reflectivity), heat exchanger (heat conduction) and cable lining (barrier and conductivity). The thermal conductivity of 30-micron aluminum foil makes it a common accessory in waterpipe smoking: a perforated aluminum foil is often placed between the coal and the tobacco, so that the tobacco is heated without direct contact with the burning coal.

Wrap the shredded Arabian hookah with aluminum foil, first check whether the aluminum foil wraps the ceramic head with the shredded tobacco tightly. Whether there is a leak, and then blow it up with your mouth at the bottom of the ceramic head. If there is no leakage, then you can Punch holes in aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil 30 micron perforation is very important. You need to be patient. The iron rod in the carbon clip is not used to perforate. Including toothpicks are not acceptable. First prepare the pin (the smaller the needle, the better), start with the aluminum foil paper Starting from the center, fill the small holes regularly around the center point, and pay attention to the movement slowly and carefully if you are not proficient.

1. Heating charcoal (a special electric heater is recommended);

2. After the charcoal is heated, add water to the cigarette bottle until the lower end of the central pipe is submerged by one inch of water;

3. Put the hookah material in the upper bowl and mash it evenly without blocking the pores to make the flavor better;

4. Cover the smoking bowl with aluminum foil (preferably thicker), and then pierce and fix the aluminum foil with a pin or toothpick;

5. Now the charcoal burning should be ready, then connect the smoke pipe and add charcoal to the smoke bowl, and then you can enjoy your hookah.

How thickness is the aluminum foil generally used for hookah? 
Thickness: 30 micron (0.03mm) 40 micron (0.04mm) Width: 120mm 600mm.
30 micron aluminum foil for hookah is very popular in the Middle East market, so what is its price? How much is a ton. This depends on the price of aluminum raw materials. 

Where can you buy 30 micron aluminum foil? 
HTMM specializes in producing 30-micron aluminum foil for hookah aluminum foil. If you want to know more about 30 micron aluminum foil, please contact us. Your message will be Get our timely attention.
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