What kind of garbage are aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers?

In many leaflets and apps related to garbage classification, used lunch boxes are classified as "other garbage", which is possible for lunch boxes of other materials! However, the used aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers and aluminum foil paper can be regarded as "recyclable garbage"!
At present, many large and medium-sized cities across the country have begun to implement garbage classification. According to garbage classification requirements, garbage needs to be classified into four categories: recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, other garbage and hazardous garbage. This requires residents and relevant personnel to clearly understand the relevant waste classification knowledge in order to accurately classify. Only in this way can the efficiency of waste classification and subsequent waste treatment and utilization be improved.
In this context, the dispute over the selection of materials for takeaway lunch boxes and food packaging containers is more clear. The advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum foil food packaging containers and household aluminum foils in recycling are highlighted, and once again raising their eyebrows and exhaling other materials! Aluminum foil has many characteristics and advantages for use as a lunch box and a food distribution container, including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end beautiful, convenient and fast. Aluminum foil lunch boxes, containers and household aluminum foil will gradually become the first choice for the city's catering takeout and food packaging markets for the mandatory implementation of garbage classification.

It should be emphasized that good "recyclability" is the biggest advantage of aluminum foil containers and aluminum foil products, and the main reason for the expansion of applications. However, this advantage is difficult to show without implementing garbage classification, because all the aluminum foil is not easily sorted out after being mixed, and it is mixed with domestic garbage and sent to the landfill, or sent to the garbage to generate electricity. The plant burned. But what everyone does not know is that all the aluminum foil lunch boxes and aluminum foil paper used for passengers on the aircraft (used to wrap burgers and fire, and the lid of the lunch box) have been collected at the airport. A special recycling company removes the food from the aluminum foil meal box, rinses the meal box and air-drys it, then packs the aluminum foil container and sends it to the recycled aluminum plant for remelting, and turns it into aluminum alloy ingot for recycling. The elements of recycled aluminum are common in cars, bicycles, home appliances, aluminum doors and windows, and computers in our lives. In the process of aluminum foil containers and container recycling, "classification" is the most important link!
Aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers and related products can be fully recovered, reused, and entered into a new recycling system for sustainable use by humans!

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