The aluminum foil alloy adopts the digit system representation method.

The aluminum foil alloy grade adopts the four-digit system representation method. The first digit represents the series of alloys. The first digit is 1, representing the pure aluminum series. The first digit is 2-8, which represents an alloying element. Mainly different series of alloys. The 1 series represents pure aluminum, and the last two digits represent the two digits after the decimal point in the lowest percentage. The second position of the grade indicates the control of the alloying element or impurity limit content. For example: 1100 means aluminum content is 99.00%, 1235 means pure aluminum content is 99.35%, 8011 chemical composition: silicon content 0.5-0.9, iron content 0.6-1.0, copper content 0.10, manganese content 0.2, magnesium content 0.05, chromium content 0.05 The nickel content of zinc content is 0.1, the titanium content is 0.08, the other content is 0.05, the other content is 0.15, and the aluminum content is the balance 8011 (H14).
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