Rolled aluminum foil

The most important production method for aluminum foil products is the rolling method. Rolling is one of the most common and common methods of processing in metal press processing. The rolling process is a process in which the rolling piece is plastically deformed by compression when it is pulled by the pressing roller by the pressing roller when it interacts with the rolling piece.

1. Determination of total power
  The total power refers to the total deformation process of the foil after it undergoes recrystallization annealing to the finished product. In general, the total processing rate of the 1 series can reach more than 99%, and some 8 series products can also reach this value, but the total power of the aluminum alloy foil is generally below 90%.
2. The determination of the processing rate of the pass, the determination of the pass processing rate is the core of the rolling process. The pure aluminum series products can achieve a pass rate of 65%, and the first pass after the blank is annealed. The processing rate is generally about 50%.
Aluminum foil rolling process parameters: rolling speed, tension, pressing force, oil temperature.
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