Reflected light insulation of tin foil

1. Tin Foil insulated food: Tin Foil paper has good heat absorption, and at the same time it has the property of reflecting light. Covering the tin foil with a lid on a cooked dish can play the role of heat insulation There are also aviation meals that are heated in the on board oven and have aluminum foil in their packaging.

2. Air-conditioning tube outsourcing tin foil insulation cotton Can make air conditioning better

3. Refrigerator cooling effect: If the refrigerator's thermal insulation effect is not good, the compressor will always work, wasting electricity costs. At this time, laying the foil in the cooling layer can alleviate the effect of heat radiation on the refrigerator, and the cooling effect is even more Obviously.

4. Tin foil indoor warming: Using the principle of tin foil's reflected light, it can save energy and reduce emissions, greatly improving the efficiency of heating. The method is very simple. Cut off the tin foil of the same size as the radiator, point the bright side toward the heater, put it behind the heater, and fix it with tape on the wall. In this way, the heat radiation of the heating can be fully reflected into the room, and the heat can be prevented from being transmitted to the outside through the wall.

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