China Aluminium foil for grill

Aluminum foil grilling is to wrap processed foods, materials, etc. in aluminum foil and put them in an electric oven or fire to bake. Aluminum foil grilling prevents food from sticking to the baking tray. The second is to prevent food from sticking to dirty things. The third is to facilitate the baking of the baking tray. The fourth is to season foods when some food is cooked. On the bag, the fifth is to prevent water loss and keep it fresh and tender.
If we look closely at the tin foil, we can see that the two sides are different. One side is bright and the other side is darker. The bright side is called the light-sensitive side, and the darker side is called the matte side. When we use it, we must use the matte side to contact food, and the light-sensitive side is exposed outside. If you accidentally use it in the wrong direction, the photosensitive surface may come into contact with food, which may cause the food to stick to the tin foil.
Due to the heat absorption characteristics of the bright surface of aluminum foil paper and the characteristics of matte surface insulation, the food can be evenly heated to prevent scorching! After baking, continue to wrap with tin foil, and it can also keep warm!
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