Disadvantages of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil used for packaging

Aluminum foil is very useful when packaging; in fact, this question is really difficult to answer. Because aluminum foil is a very good packaging raw material, especially in the field of flexible packaging. This can be seen from the rapid development of the aluminum foil flexible packaging and aseptic package market in recent years. Today, milk with very high requirements for food preservation and quality and safety are all used aluminum foil composite packaging. Mengniu Yili and others all use aluminum foil composite soft The super-preservative effect of the package on milk has emerged. There are also small fish, beef jerky and other food are packaged in aluminum foil.
Aluminum foil is an excellent packaging material. If it is said that the shortcomings can only be related to its characteristics: it is thin and soft and cannot be used for structural packaging. It is limited in terms of resistance to stretching and shear. It must be compounded with other materials to ensure packaging. Strength and ease of use.

Aluminum foil used for packaging must be compounded with other materials to achieve good results. Aluminum foil is commonly used in packaging as a composite material. Recycling of composite materials is difficult.

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