What are the specifications and uses of aluminum foil

1. Cigarette foil Alloy state: 1235-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.006mm to 0.007 mm
Processing method: composite paper, coloring, printing, etc.
End use: used for cigarette packaging after being lined with paper, printed or painted.
2. Flexible packaging foil alloy state: 8079-O, 1235-O
Typical thickness: 0.006mm ~ 0.009 mm
Processing method: composite paper, plastic film embossing and coloring, printing etc
End uses: confectionery, milk and dairy products, powder food, beverage, Tea, bread and snacks
3. Cardboard foil Alloy state: 1235-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.006 mm
Processing method: aluminum-plastic paper composite End use: for barrier and aesthetic purposes.
4, cardboard foil alloy state: 1235-O, 8079-O typical thickness: 0.006 processing method: aluminum-plastic paper composite end use: to play a barrier and aesthetic purposes.
5. Aseptic coating alloy state: 1235-O, 8111-O, 8079-O
Typical thickness: 0.0063mm, 0.00635mm
Processing method: aluminum-plastic paper composite, printing
End use: made as a barrier material with (when drinking soda) wheat Packed in rectangular carton with straw hole, such as: Tetra Pak, Combi bag, etc.
6. Household foil alloy state: 8011-O
 typical thickness: 0.008mm ~ 0.02mm
processing method: small roll
End use: for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning.
7. Hose foil alloy state: 8011-O, 1060-O
 Typical thickness: 0.012mm-0.02mm
Processing method: composite, printing and other
End uses: After composite printing with PE, it is used to process toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics and other creams Product packaging.
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