Calculation of aluminum foil thickness

Pure aluminum foil. For example, aluminum foils for lithium ion batteries are very pure aluminum foils. As for the thickness, less than 0.1mm is generally called Aluminium foil. Now the thinnest aluminum foil can be below 0.01mm.
Aluminium foil coil weight, coil diameter, length are mutually calculated, what are the methods?
Roll weight conversion length: length = roll weight / (width * thickness * density)
Length conversion roll weight: roll weight = length * width * thickness * density
For example: knowing the roll weight parameters, how to calculate the length thickness: 0.006mm, width: 1000mm, roll weight: 288 length = 288 / (0.006mm * 1000mm * 2.71g / m³)
Aluminum foil lunch box only knows the weight, how to calculate its material thickness
If you can cut it, make several aluminum foil lunch boxes. Select N pieces of aluminum foil lunch box planes to overlap, then measure the thickness of N pieces, and then divide by N to get the thickness of the lunch box. 2, if it is a standard shape-cylindrical, cuboid, cube, etc., you can use Archimedes's volume measurement method to measure its volume, you can also divide the specific gravity to obtain the volume, measure and calculate the aluminum foil lunch box The area after expansion is the volume divided by the area.
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