Do you know this use of aluminum foil ?

Do you know this use of aluminum foil ?

Aluminum Foil can save a lot of trouble. Are you familiar with aluminum foil? Anyway, I rarely use it. Many people use it in the kitchen, but few people would think of using it to protect their belongings. This sounds a bit strange, but it turns out that aluminum foil can protect your belongings very well.

Wrapping body parts with aluminum foil can bring many benefits. For example, it can resist fatigue, relieve joint pain, reduce the pain of burns, and even help you heal a cold. Of course, these abilities are not the subject of this article.

Many new models have amazing new features: a keyless start system. With this function, you don't need to insert the key into the lock, you can open the car by pressing the button. The car uses a sensor to connect to the car key and open the car door. After sitting down, you can press a button to start the car. This sounds ideal, but smart car thieves have found a way to steal this feature.

A car key with a keyless start system works through a wireless connection. This signal is only valid in a relatively close range from the car. Otherwise, it will not be able to connect. Unfortunately, clever thieves have found a way to crack this signal and enhance it. Nowadays, they don't need any complicated technology: the equipment that needs to crack the signal can be purchased online, and the price is not expensive.

The thief uses a signal booster or extender to strengthen the connection between the key and the car. To do this, you must be nearby, but far enough away so that you can open the car yourself. For example, when the car is parked in front, your car key lies somewhere at home, or you are in the office and the car is in the parking lot. Thieves use extenders to enhance the signal between the key and the car to open the door when you are away.

You can use some handy tricks to block the signal. The cheapest and easiest way is to wrap the car key in aluminum foil before putting it in a bag or pocket. This will destroy the signal. You can also buy a special metal wallet to block the signal. Another trick you can try is to keep the keys in the refrigerator when you are at home! It will also block the signal. You just need to remember where you put them.
Of course, you can also use this method to deal with the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone is always out of service.

But then again, the main market for aluminum foil is still in the packaging field. The raw materials of aluminum foil are food-grade, which can be seen everywhere in our kitchens, and the snack area in supermarkets. After the composite of aluminum foil and other materials, beautiful patterns are printed. The best choice for snack packaging, aluminum foil is waterproof, moisture-proof, safe and hygienic, so it is favored by the packaging industry. Now that the takeaway industry is rising, aluminum foil lunch boxes have solved the problem of packaging food.HTMM is professional Aluminum Foil Roll Jumbo Manufacturer.If you are interested in Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll for Making Food Container. Please contact us.
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