Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll For Making Food Container

Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll For Making Food Container
With the development of the times, Aluminum Foil Roll Jumbo is used in take-out lunch boxes, and aluminum foil lunch boxes are more and more widely used, and they are even about to replace plastic lunch boxes. With the introduction of restrictions on the purchase of plastics in Europe, aluminum foil materials are even more popular.
Many people feel that eating too much food in plastic lunch boxes is not good. Aluminum is a metal element. Will the human health be harmed by long-term use of food in aluminum foil lunch boxes?
So here comes the problem! Does our usual food grade aluminum foil affect our health just like aluminum?

First of all, let's understand what is the aluminum foil roll.

Aluminum Foil is directly rolled into thin metal aluminum. In recent years, this type of aluminum foil composite material has been increasingly used in the packaging of food such as steamed food, grilled fish, barbecue, and aviation food.
Therefore, some people worry that aluminum foil used to package food will be harmful to people.
You can think about it, since it is harmful, why is aluminum foil still so widely used? Including milk powder, chocolate, barbecue and other manufacturers and businesses are using aluminum foil, does the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center ignore it?

According to the national standard "High quality Aluminum Foil": For the Food Grade aluminum foil used for food packaging, the toxic elements in the aluminum foil should meet the following requirements:
Lead: not more than 0.01%, cadmium: not more than 0.01%, arsenic: not more than 0.01%.
Therefore, the best choice for packaging for barbecue, food, etc. is high-quality aluminum foil, and its lead content should comply with national standards.
Aluminum is a very active metal, so it is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air to form alumina under normal temperature and pressure. Alumina is a dense protective film that can prevent some substances from further corroding aluminum. Therefore, it will not produce toxic substances and can be used with confidence.
Unknowingly, aluminum foil packaging has appeared more and more widely in our lives, and the most common one is the aluminum foil lunch box used on airplanes. Take-out packaging, snack packaging that is out of sight in supermarkets, and fresh-keeping aluminum foil rolls for household use.

Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll For Making Food Container
Now many mid-to-high-end restaurants have begun to use aluminum foil lunch boxes, including take-out, which is very simple and atmospheric. As a metal packaging container, aluminum foil lunch box has good safety, heat insulation and environmental protection. These are beyond the reach of plastic lunch boxes.
In addition, cheap plastic lunch boxes are not environmentally friendly, and the materials used are relatively inexpensive. At high temperatures, substances harmful to the human body will be produced, which is not good for health. It's like making normal meals, but after using the plastic lunch box, the inside of the meal is "poisoned" unknowingly.

Aluminum foil is much safer, resistant to high temperatures, and low in cost. It is also a common item in catering, such as barbecues and grilled fish, which are also used more abroad. If you want to know about
3004 Aluminum Foil, please contact us, your information will get our timely attention.
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