Aluminum foil packaging material is sustainable, environmentally friendly raw material

Aluminum foil rolls is oil-free, clean, and wraps charcoal grilled food to increase taste, so it is very popular among people.  Therefore, it has become an important packaging material in daily life.  The following data will provide more information about household aluminum foil.

Big aluminum foil is becoming more and more popular in the packaging industry, and its advantages are inseparable.  The surface of household aluminum foil is clean, hygienic and non-toxic.  It is a healthy and green packaging material;  it does not mix with any food;  The 8011 household aluminum foil coil has high hardness, strong tensile strength and good plasticity.  Suitable for packaging of all shapes.  The shading effect is good, it can avoid sunlight and other light rays, and there is no high and low temperature penetration.
Since aluminum and its alloys can only increase their original strength by hardening, they are not heat treated.  aluminum foil market. Almost all sheet produced today is rolled from heat resistant alloys which are given H-value designations under the various hardness conditions under which they are produced.  For example, a common aluminum foil alloy is 1145-H19;  H1 is hardened, the next number is the degree of hardness, and 9 is fully hardened.

Big aluminum foil an excellent thermal conductor and can withstand high temperatures.  Household aluminum foil is suitable for other thermal processes such as autoclaving, heat sealing and autoclaving.  It is also used in widely used heaters.  Improve resource efficiency through: Thermal efficiency reduces processing, cooling and reheating times, saves energy and protects product quality.  It also helps protect product quality by reducing downtime and temperature extremes within the product.

Indoor best aluminum foil reflects up to 98% of infrared light and heat.  Improve utility efficiency by: Efficient heat sensing saves energy when cooling or heating pre-packaged foods.  The unique combination of thermal and electrical heat transfer allows food to be cooked or reheated by convection or microwave and/or "bainmarie" systems.  INCREASE USEFULNESS THROUGH USE: This heating/cooking flexibility saves time and energy during prep.

Food grade best aluminum foil does not help bacteria grow and does not react with food.  Plastics can easily cause the n-hexane of the product to exceed the standard, and it is easy to cause damage to the human body caused by plasticizers.  Non-biodegradable single-use plastics are more likely to pollute.

With the advancement of aluminum technology and the improvement of production efficiency, the production cost of aluminum sheet has gradually decreased.  Food grade household jumbo aluminum foil has appeared in people's daily life.  Now, the cost of aluminum coils is close to that of qualified polyolefin (PP) plastics, and the cost-performance ratio is outstanding.  With the progress of society and the gradual establishment of the concept of green consumer consumption.  The continuous improvement of food safety, health, environmental ecology and consumer awareness has opened up opportunities for the large-scale application and promotion of aluminum coil products.

As a packaging material, food grade aluminum foil large rolls has greatly expanded the application market of aluminum foil large rolls.  Since the packaged goods are completely isolated from outside light, humidity and gases, the packaging is well protected.  Especially for cooked food packaging, using aluminum coils can ensure the food will not deteriorate for at least one year.  In addition, heating and unloading are very convenient and popular with consumers.

Plastic waste takes up a lot of land in landfills, and incineration and recycling also generate polluting emissions.  aluminum foil market. Plastic waste flows into the sea with the river, causing even more damage.  According to the United Nations Environment Programme, plastic pollution kills millions of seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals and countless fish each year, costing

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