Large roll food aluminium foil

HTMM  Large rolls high quality 8011 food aluminium  foils that are food grade and safe for people. The 8011 food aluminum foil has a thickness of 0.009-0.020 mm, a width of 120-600 mm, and coil inner diameters of 76 and 152 mm, respectively. The application is used for food packaging, for the manufacture of food containers, for household use, for pharmaceutical packaging, for air conditioning, for cable packaging, and the like.
The characteristics of HTMM food grade 8011 aluminum foil paper are:
1, the conductivity is good. Aluminum foil allows the food to be better heated, baked and even frozen.
2, hygiene, one-time use.
3, environmental protection can be recycled and reused. Cater to the global concept of rational use of resources and maintain the global environment.
4, green packaging is harmless to the human body. Do not release harmful substances and use them with confidence.
Aluminum foil can make your restaurant more hygienic, and the baked goods are more beautiful, enhancing the image and grade of the customer's mind.
How to use aluminum foil in the food ? Most aluminum foils are shiny on one side and hoarse on the other. Food foils can be packaged on both sides of the foil. It is generally recommended to wrap the shiny surface to enhance heat transfer. Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and food safety, aluminum foil products are becoming more and more popular, and aluminum foil products will quickly enter daily life.

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