Aluminum foil for tea packaging

Aluminum foil for tea packaging
Spring tea generally refers to the buds and leaves that germinated from the tea tree for the first time after wintering. It is rich in nutrients and has a strong aroma, which is highly sought after by tea people. After this season, looking for a real spring tea has become a matter of testing everyone's skills in searching for tea.
Affected by the epidemic this year, the difficulty in picking, processing, and logistics of spring tea has increased, making the spring tea season a little special, but for those who like tea, spring tea is still the highlight of the year!
Spring tea is the essence of the year. Good tea also needs good packaging to ensure the quality of spring tea. Therefore, the choice of packaging materials becomes particularly important. The practical value of spring tea packaging is to give the spring tea a suitable temperature and humidity by preventing moisture, high temperature, odor, direct sunlight, and avoiding long exposure.

Aluminum foil for tea packaging
First of all, we must pay attention to moisture resistance: tea should be strictly controlled moisture (below 7%) before packaging, and good moisture resistance of packaging materials delay various hydrolysis reactions in tea.
Secondly, we must pay attention to light avoidance: light will accelerate the condensation reaction and changes of various components of tea, especially destroy chlorophyll and other substances, and reduce tea quality. It is very important whether the packaging material has good light shielding.
In addition, we must pay attention to gas barrier properties: the oxygen in the atmosphere will accelerate the oxidation reaction of various ingredients in tea, and the good gas barrier properties of packaging materials can better protect the tea, form a barrier, and effectively prevent the tea from being oxidized and retain the original tea fragrance.
From this point of view, Aluminum foil for tea packaging can not only prevent tea from absorbing moisture, mildew, odor, freshness and aroma, but also reduce the loss of tea in all aspects of distribution, storage and transportation, and also increase the "value" of tea.
Aluminum foil for tea packaging . At present, tea packaging has broken through the original model. In addition to iron, paper, plastic, etc., its packaging materials have the advantages of barrier, moisture resistance, freshness, fragrance, and unique novel plasticity.  At present, many tea packaging has begun to change from the original packaging of paper, plastic and other materials to safe, environmentally friendly, high-end aluminum foil packaging. The changes in packaging materials not only reflect the improvement of living standards, but also reflect the beauty of people's future life Longing.


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