Aluminum Foil Food Grade Roll Jumbo 1235

In the food business, aluminum foil is a mainstay since it offers a dependable and adaptable solution for a variety of packaging and storing requirements. I'll go into great detail on the benefits and uses of 7 micron aluminum foil rolls in this post, with an emphasis on Aluminum Foil Food Grade Jumbo 1235. We will discuss the advantages of utilizing this thin roll of aluminum foil and how to laminate it onto greaseproof paper. We will explain why 7 Micron aluminum foil is a top option for the food sector, from its superior barrier qualities to its adaptability in food packaging.

Alloy Composition of 1235 Aluminum Foil

Due to its high performance in food packaging applications and its purity, Alloy 1235 is a widely preferred option for food-grade aluminum foil. Due to its high aluminum content, this alloy satisfies strict food safety requirements. Because of its superior flexibility, heat resistance, and barrier qualities, alloy 1235 may be used for a variety of food packaging applications. A particular kind of aluminum foil known as Alloy 1235 is composed of an alloy that is mostly formed of aluminum (Al) with trace quantities of other elements including silicon (Si) and iron (Fe). Because of its ideal property balance, this specific alloy composition is suitable for a wide range of applications.

7 Micron Aluminum Foil Profile

7 Micron thick aluminum foil, often referred to as 0.007 mm or 0.000276 inches thick foil, is an extremely thin and flexible aluminum sheet that is frequently used in lamination and food packaging applications. 7 microns aluminum foil, one of the most widely used foils in the business, is ideal for a range of packaging applications due to its exceptional mechanical qualities and heat resistance. The thickness of 7 microns is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, which makes it the perfect material for food packaging. This layer gives packed food sufficient protection and insulation, yet it is also thin enough to be manufactured quickly. Rolls of 7 micron aluminum foil are very good for laminating to greaseproof paper, which enhances the functionality of food packaging materials overall.

The superior barrier qualities of Aluminum Foil 7 Micron Alloy 1235 guarantee the quality and freshness of a variety of packaged items. It is frequently used in the food business to cover, wrap, and seal food in both residential and commercial settings. Aluminum Foil 7 Micron Alloy 1235 is a multipurpose packaging material that may be used in many different applications and industries. It finds usage in the food and beverage sector, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging, and even domestic tasks like baking, cooking, and preserving food scraps.

Product Name Aluminum Foil Food Grade Roll Jumbo 1235
Material 1235 Aluminum foil raw materails
Temper O
Thickness 0.006 mm-0.2mm
Width 50-1500 mm
Coil ID 76mm,152 mm
Coil Weight 80-150 kg
MOQ 3 Ton
Delivery time 30 days after 30% T/T payment or receiving L/C copy
Application Food package,household use flexible package, Snack packaging, Lamination use

Aluminum Foil 7 Micron Application

Additionally, the benefits of employing 7 micron aluminum foil for home foil include its adaptability, ease of use, and role in food preservation. In Europe, aluminum foil with a 7 micron thickness is often utilized. It achieves a harmonious blend of robustness and adaptability. Its strength is sufficient to prevent ripping or puncturing even after regular handling, folding, and packing. By doing this, you can be confident that the foil will stay intact while being used normally, protecting food and other household goods.

Laminating 7 micron aluminum foil to greaseproof paper is one of its primary uses. An effective food packaging material may be made by fusing the greaseproof qualities of paper with the barrier qualities of aluminum foil. Butter, margarine, and fatty snacks are among the goods that are frequently packaged with this lamination. Greaseproof paper stops oil from leaking or absorbing, and 7 micron aluminum foil guarantees that food stays fresh in its packaging.

There are several benefits to using 7 millimeter aluminum foil for laminating onto greaseproof paper. First, superior defense against barriers. The freshness and quality of packed food may be guaranteed by the efficient blocking of moisture, oxygen, and other external pollutants by aluminum foil. When it comes to perishable goods that need to be kept fresher longer, this is particularly crucial. Second, aluminum foil's superior thermal conductivity allows it to disperse heat uniformly and keep packaged food at the proper temperature.

Aluminum foil with a 7 micron thickness helps to keep food at the perfect temperature, whether it is hot or cold. Third, adaptability and interoperability. Aluminum foil is a common material for food packaging and works well with many different types of ingredients. Its 7 micron thickness makes it simple to laminate to greaseproof paper or other substrates, offering a variety of packaging possibilities. The 7 micron aluminum foil's alloy, 1235, is made to adhere to food grade specifications. The absence of hazardous materials or impurities guarantees the security and quality of food that has been packed. Above all, 7 micron aluminum foil is a safe and sanitary option for household usage. It is non-toxic, odorless and antibacterial, ensuring the safety and integrity of packaged or stored food. The foil acts as a protective barrier to prevent the transfer of taste or odor between different foods.

The last aspect concerns the sustainability and recyclability of aluminum foil, an eco-friendly material that may be used for food packaging. Choosing to laminate 7 micron aluminum foil onto greaseproof paper is one way that you can help with sustainable packaging solutions.

Rolls of food-grade alloy 1235 7 micron aluminum foil have several benefits for uses in food packaging. It is a great option for laminating to greaseproof paper since it is thin and strong, which may enhance the effectiveness and performance of food packaging materials. The food sector favors 7 micron aluminum foil because of its superior barrier protection, thermal insulation, adaptability, food-grade safety, and recyclability.

Purchase Al Foil 7 Micron

When sourcing 7 micron aluminum foil for lamination onto greaseproof paper, it is essential to work with a reputable supplier who prioritizes quality and food safety standards. Our (HTMM) Aluminum has grown into China's leading diversified aluminum product manufacturer through more than 10 years of development in China and abroad. We have exported our products to more than 70 countries, serving more than 3,500 customers, and have received positive reviews from customers for the quality of our products. And our (HTMM) factory has third-party quality inspection certificates such as Europe, the United States, and SVHC, which can prove that our aluminum foil can be well contacted with food, and our aluminum foil quality fully meets the requirements of good food-grade aluminum foil. It can protect the health of food while protecting the aluminum foil from harming your body. By choosing the right aluminum foil roll, you can pack and store food with confidence, knowing that you are using reliable and safe materials. Take advantage of the advantages of 7 micron aluminum foil in food-grade applications to take your food packaging solutions to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.
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