Aluminum Foil 1235 Alloy For Packaging

The Aluminum Foil 1235 Alloy is made of pure aluminum material, which is refined, filtered and purified after accurately adding trace elements to form an internationally recognized aluminum foil alloy. After more than ten rolling, processing and heat treatment procedures, finally each roll of product undergoes a high temperature elimination process at 200°C for more than 48 hours, and can be shipped after passing the inspection.

1235 Aluminum Foil Strong barrier: It has a strong barrier, which can completely block all kinds of light (electromagnetic waves), air, moisture and bacteria, and can effectively prevent food from being damp, oxidized, and deteriorated, and has an excellent fresh-keeping effect.

Alu foil 1235 Strong bacteriostasis: Due to the bacteriostatic properties of high-purity aluminum, it is difficult for bacteria or microorganisms to survive on the surface of aluminum foil that has undergone high-temperature treatment. In developed countries, aluminum foil has long been used as food packaging materials and household daily necessities.

Aluminum Foil 1235 Alloy For Packaging Good thermal performance: Aluminum foil has high reflectivity to light and heat, and good thermal conductivity. It is suitable for heating and heat preservation for food; it can be used normally in the range of -200℃ to +300℃.

Light in weight and beautiful in color: Aluminum is a light metal and its proportion is less than one-third of steel and copper. It has silvery white, bright, high-end and exquisite metallic luster, and can be processed and printed to produce a variety of gorgeous patterns.
Recyclable: Aluminum can be recycled and reused, has low energy consumption, high value, and is very environmentally friendly.
Aluminum alloy building formwork completely replaces traditional wooden formwork, which can protect 700,000 hectares of forest every year. Different from wooden formwork, aluminum formwork is widely used, with less waste, lower cost, higher efficiency and better quality. According to statistics, if 50% of China's construction market uses aluminum formwork, it can protect 1.5 million hectares of forests and reduce 500 million tons of construction waste every year. Moreover, the aluminum formwork has high bearing capacity and good stability. The concrete is poured in one time. The flatness and verticality of the wall are better than national standards, the structure is safer and more stable, and the house quality is more reliable.

The double zero Aluminum Foil 1235 Alloy For Packaging, which is less than one-tenth the diameter of a human hair, is widely used in food, tobacco, and beverages, and the products are exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, which has promoted the upgrading of the food packaging industry and helped Food companies provide consumers with safer and more reliable healthy food.Aluminum Foil 3003 H24 For Making Food Container
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