Aluminium Foil packaging In Jumbo Roll

The use of aluminum foil in food packaging includes catering, barbecue, food containers, food bags and sealed liners. This scope covers almost all aluminum foil roll alloys, including 8011, 8006, 8021, 8079, 3003 and even 1235.
Why is aluminum foil so popular in food packaging? Check the advantages of aluminum foil related to food packaging: non-toxic, heat insulation, moisture-proof, light shielding, excellent composite, good sealing, ink friendly, etc.
This is a brief introduction to the use of aluminum foil in alloy food packaging.
8006 aluminum foil for food packaging is brush a, flat, clean and oil-free. HTMM 8006 aluminum foil is suitable for the wrinkle free bento box in aerospace. After stamping, the edge has no wrinkles and the appearance is smooth.
3003 aluminum foil food packaging is one of the common materials of aluminum foil lunch box.
1235 aluminum foil for food packaging has excellent moisture resistance, light blocking and high barrier. Aluminum foil is nontoxic, tasteless and hygienic. After compounding, printing and coating, it is widely used as packaging materials.
8079 aluminum foil for food packaging has high strength, good elongation and good tensile property 8079 aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture-proof, airtight, light proof, wear-resistant, fragrance proof, non-toxic and tasteless, and it is easy to process exquisite patterns on the beautiful silver surface. Therefore, it is favored by people in food packaging, drug packaging, battery soft packaging and other fields.
8006, 3003 and 8011 are used for aluminum foil, with the following differences 8006 bento box aluminum foil has high strength and can be hot rolled 3003 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil have low strength and are cast The elongation and crown of 8006 aluminum foil are higher than those of 8011 and 3003 The tensile strength of 8006 container foil is 10 MPa higher than that of 8011 aluminum foil, and the latter is slightly lower than that of 3003 aluminum foil.
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