HTMM battery aluminum foil specifications

The battery aluminum foil has the typical alloy 1060, 1070, 1235 aluminum foil, the tempering temperature is H18, the battery aluminum foil thickness is 0.018-0.2 mm, and the width is 100-1600 mm. The consistency of the thickness and surface density of the battery aluminum foil should be controlled within ± 2%, and the surface tension of the battery aluminum foil should be greater than 32 dyne. The tensile strength of aluminum foil is 200-210mpa, which ensures the processing performance of aluminum foil. The elongation is 1.5%-4.0%, ensuring the mechanical properties of aluminum foil.
Recently, research in the lithium ion battery industry has found that the surface of an aluminum (Al) alloy foil used as a lithium ion rechargeable battery can be etched and roughened to improve the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery. After the surface roughening treatment, the adhesion between the battery case aluminum foil and the active material is higher than that of the aluminum foil without surface treatment. Therefore, aluminum foil for lithium batteries also plays an important role in the field of hybrid batteries and rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles.
The application advantages of battery aluminum foil are:
1, greatly improve the consistency of the battery pack, and greatly reduce the battery composition;
2, significantly reduce the increase in dynamic internal resistance of the battery cell;
3, improve the consistency of the battery pack;
4, extend battery life;
5, significantly reduce battery components.
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