Why are good chocolates packed in aluminum foil?

Chocolate is like a flavoring agent in life, and one of them can bring you a fragrant and silky feeling and a happy mood. This sweet and delicate texture permeates the tip of the tongue, instantly taking away drowsiness and worry. Because of this, it has become one of the most popular snacks in daily life. After experiencing all kinds of chocolates, we can't help but find the particularity of its packaging.
Chocolate packaging is mostly made of aluminum foil. Why use aluminum foil? First of all, aluminum foil is a material with strong barrier properties. It has excellent insulation effects against light, oxygen and water vapor. Chocolate is a special kind of food. Its raw materials are: cocoa mass and cocoa butter, granulated sugar, milk, etc. made by grinding cocoa beans. If chocolate is directly exposed, its taste and taste will be lost. Secondly, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees, the ingredients of chocolate will melt and decompose, even if frozen, the final taste will be affected; moisture in the air is also an important factor affecting the quality of chocolate, and the maximum relative humidity of aluminum foil is 65 %, Has a good moisture-proof effect. Therefore, in order to maintain the taste and taste of chocolate, aluminum foil is used.
But not all aluminum foils can be packed in chocolate. This aluminum foil is 1235  aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.009--0.012mm. HTMM company focuses on the production of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil produced is uniform in thickness, clean, shiny, food grade, and meets health standards. Welcome to consult!

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