8011 aluminum foil for lunch box

Some time ago, the article "Takeout, is destroying our next generation" was swiped the screen. Takeaway is not the culprit causing environmental pollution, but many catering bosses said they would consider doing Changes; takeaway platforms sued by environmental groups have also begun trials of "no tableware" service, but are considered a "chicken rib" option.
It is unrealistic to go to cutlery, and change is imperative. How should the takeaway packaging be changed?
 Looking back, it seems that from the day of birth, takeaway packaging has been equated with the words "harmful" and "junk". For example, the widely used foam lunch boxes and plastic lunch boxes, but takeaway packaging is born Should it be so? Is it possible to insulate the takeaway packaging from "junk" and "harmful" from now on?
 For example, some environmentally friendly lunch boxes are used, but when it comes to environmental protection, the owner of the restaurant shakes his head. In their opinion, the so-called environmentally friendly lunch boxes are mostly not practical. Are there any environmentally friendly and practical materials?
 HTMM aluminum foil believes that the aluminum foil lunch box meets this requirement, with good thermal insulation performance and recyclability. However, it was slightly expensive in the past and the market was difficult to form. With the issue of environmental protection of takeaways and the advent of consumer upgrading, it has begun to be used Crayfish, grilled fish, scallops, claypot rice and other high-temperature food and beverage categories, many businesses specializing in cooking started to actively try.
Let me introduce the advantages of aluminum foil lunch boxes:
 1, environmental protection and non-toxic
       Foamed lunch boxes are most commonly used in the takeaway market now, and the material of foamed lunch boxes is polystyrene. It will release harmful toxic substances to the human body when exposed to high temperature food or water. Carcinogenic potential. At the same time, it is not easy to degrade, causing serious white pollution to the environment.
 8011 Aluminum foil has good thermal stability. In an environment of minus 20 degrees to 250 degrees, the molecular structure of aluminum can continue to be stable. Its use temperature can be from quick freezing to extreme grilling. The aluminum foil lunch box can always remain undeformed, cracked and not deteriorated, and it will not produce any toxic substances.
 2. Convenient sealing to ensure hygiene
 8011 Aluminum foil lunch box has very good forming performance. It will be impacted during transportation. Even if wrinkles, bumps, etc. appear, it will not crack. Choose different models of aluminum foil to accurately reflect the passage of the product.
 3, heat preservation, freshness
 8011 Aluminum foil has outstanding barrier properties. Before the thickness of the aluminum foil is sufficient, it can basically completely block gas and moisture. Therefore, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminum foil is commonly used as a barrier material, and aluminum foil has light weight, airtightness and packaging. Coverability and other advantages. It is mainly hygienic, beautiful, and can be insulated to a certain extent.
 4. Recycling and saving resources
 8011 Aluminium has a very high recycling value, can be recycled for unlimited times, has limited quality loss, and can maintain the original characteristics of aluminum. The energy required for the regeneration process of 8011 aluminum foil is only less than 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, and the greenhouse gas emissions are 95% less than that of primary aluminum. The aluminum foil lunch box can be easily compressed after use, and easy to sort, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated.
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