HTMM 1235 Aluminium foil for food packaging

1235 aluminum foil belongs to the pure aluminum foil series. It is a widely used food packaging at present. It has good rust prevention properties, formability, and solubility. The product has a good version, does not deform when cut, and has a good printing effect.
Customized production of 1235 food packaging aluminum foil
Aluminum foil packaging is based on 1235 aluminum foil, which is processed through subsequent compounding and printing processes. 1235 aluminum foil has good moisture resistance, is stable at high and low temperatures, and does not swell and deform at temperatures of -73 ~ 371 ° C. Thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity can reach 55%. Therefore, it can be used for high-temperature cooking or other heat treatment, as well as frozen packaging. The specific specifications of 1235 aluminum foil are as follows:
Typical alloy: 1235 aluminum foil
Material status: O
Thickness range: 0.006-0.007mm
Width range: 100-1600mm
Length range: C
Customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of the enterprise. In order to ensure the high quality of 1235 aluminum foil, HTMM introduces advanced foil rolling mills, strictly controls the raw materials, adopts reasonable processes, and inspects the layers during production. The cutting is not deformed and is praised by customers at home and abroad.
How much is the market price of 1235 aluminum foil for aluminum foil packaging per ton?
The price is a problem that customers are more concerned about. The direct influence factors of the price of 1235 aluminum foil are the price of raw materials and processing fees. The indirect influence factors include the strength of the manufacturer, the technical level, the sales model, and the geographical factors. specification.
1235 aluminum foil for packaging-each customer needs different specifications and dosages, and the manufacturers have different production difficulties, so the quotations are different. The specific price can be consulted online at any time. After understanding the specific needs, the customer service quickly arranges professional business one-to-one communication to provide the best product solutions and quotations.
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