Aluminum foil is so versatile

Aluminum foil is so versatile
Aluminum foil is so versatile, you will be surprised to learn how it can be used in your daily life. 
Agree, you are usually used to using aluminum foil in the kitchen. You may know that you can use it to cook certain dishes or keep food fresh for longer. However, it has more uses. Sheets are easy to bend and shape, making this material suitable for wrapping various objects. Of course, the main function of aluminum foil is to increase the shelf life of food. It acts as a barrier to prevent odors, bacteria and light from entering (it is known to break down fats). In addition, the foil can prevent the product wrapped in it from losing or conversely gaining moisture. In addition, as we mentioned above, aluminum foil is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. You can grill delicious vegetables, fish, meat, etc. inside.
 How to use aluminum foil to relieve pain?
Yes, this material has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can be easily used to relieve all kinds of pain. Since the heat generated by the body is in contact with the skin for a longer time (the foil retains it), the effect is achieved. You can use
Aluminum Foil to relieve pain in any part of your body. It will be effective for muscle pain, joint pain and even scars on the skin.

Aluminum foil is so versatile,The use of aluminum foil outside the home
You can slightly increase outdoor lighting by making a foil reflector behind the lamp.
When hiking, aluminum foil comes in handy in many situations.
If you don’t have any dishes during a hike or a picnic, you can use foil to make all the necessary utensils: plates, cups. You can even use spears and foil to make a makeshift frying pan.
Of course, to roast potatoes or other foods over the fire, it is best to pre-wrap them in foil.
Matches can be protected from moisture with foil.
On cool nights, the tent can be heated with stones heated in the fire. In order to prevent the stones from getting ash, you can wrap them in foil beforehand.
If you travel in the cold season, you can stick aluminum foil on one side of the insole. This will keep you warm.

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