1235 Aluminum Foil

The cold rolled 1235 Aluminum Foil is coiled into large rolls weighing thousands of pounds each. These master rolls are then slit and re-coiled into smaller consumer rolls.

Hot and cold rolling strengthens the foil without making it brittle.

► Annealing softens it

Whether wrapping baked goods, making impromptu baking pans, lining roasting pans, or simply covering leftovers - 1235 Aluminum Foil is ideal for food. It's non-reactive, easy to mold to shapes, and provides an effective barrier. The micro-thinness also conducts heat perfectly for baking.

Grilling and Smoking

The ability to tightly wrap meats and vegetables for indirect grilling or smoking makes 1235 Aluminum Foil invaluable. It withstands high, indirect heat without cracking or sticking to foods. Venting packets allow smoke penetration too.

Catering and Food Service

Large commercial and industrial kitchens depend on the consistency, strength, and easy formability of 1235 Aluminum Foil. It crimps perfectly to seal food packets, wraps trays neatly, and holds up to constant use with no breaks or tears.

Crafts and Decorating

While not its primary function, crafters have adopted 1235 aluminum foil 6 micron for embossing, stamping, making bows and gifts, and decorative elements due to its malleability and shine. The smooth surface takes paints and inks nicely too.

Moisture Barrier

Keeping ingredients dry and fresh makes 1235 aluminum foil 6 micron useful for snack storage, picnic packing, and more. Its waxy coating and micro-thinness provide an effective moisture/vapor barrier that denser foils can’t match.


The shiny nature of Aluminum foil 1235 helps reflect heat, making it valuable for superficial tasks like shielding surfaces from heat transfer or glare from electronics/lighting. Even reflecting sunshine into garden plants!

Structural Uses

Yes, foil has non-food applications as well. Temporary ducting, flashing, reflectors, craft materials, and more see aluminum foil 1235 pressed into structural use thanks to its strength and formability characteristics.

All in all, the subtle tweaks to the manufacturing process produce 1235 aluminum foil for lamination with an incredible balance of strength, softness, and barrier qualities. No other grade compares when maximum versatility and multi-application potential are priorities. Its effectiveness and consistency make 1235 aluminum foil for lamination highly valued throughout the culinary world and beyond.


Where to Get High-Quality 1235 Aluminum Foil ?

With 1235 aluminum foil being the optimum choice for most uses, it's important to source reputable brands that produce the real deal.

Restaurant Depot/Cash & Carry

Wholesale clubs stock warehouse sized quantities of hard-working 1235 foil manufactured to commercial specifications. Multiple roll and sheet options for any operation.

When shopping online or in-person, scrutinize packaging for labels indicating the product meets ASTM specification B179 for 1235 grade aluminum foil. Sticking with recognizable brands also drastically reduces the risk of inferior imitation foils falsely marketed as 1235. For maximum performance, proper 1235 aluminum foil is the way to go.


 How to Properly Store 1235 Aluminum Foil

As efficient as 1235 aluminum foil is at keeping food fresh, it needs proper care itself to maintain strength and quality over the long run. Here are some storage tips:

Keep Dry

As with most metals, foil can develop surface rust or deterioration if exposed to moisture for extended periods. Store rolls or bulk quantities in a cool, dry place away from potential water sources.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight contribute to oxidation over time. Foil should be sealed in its packaging when not in use for maximum shelf life.

Don't Crush Rolls

Excessive compression can start to work-harden the metal and affect its pliability. Stand rolls upright or loosely coiled in cabinets.

Opt for Original Packaging

Foil maintains integrity best in its coating-lined box or overwrap from the manufacturer. Transferring loose or unpackaged risks nicks/tears.

Date Storage Containers

Foil has no definitive expiration, but over 6-12 months may show diminished performance. Date bulk containers for easy rotation.

Store Away From Odors

As an excellent vapor barrier, foil could absorb scents over long contact if not isolated. Keep in separate bins/drawers from strong smells.

Cool Temperatures Prolong Shelf Life

Warmer conditions accelerate oxidation effects. Cabinet or pantry storage under 75°F is ideal.

With diligent handling and storage in ideal conditions, high quality 1235 aluminum foil remains in excellent condition to use for well over a year in most households. Its incredible versatility justifies taking proper measures to extend the usable life of each purchase as long as possible.

From understanding its manufacturing secrets to learning ideal usage scenarios and long-term care, there's no question 1235 aluminum foil warrants recognition as the gold standard consumer and commercial grade. No other variant compares when it comes to consistent strength, softness, reflectivity, and multi-application prowess proven over decades of regular use. By approaching kitchen tasks, crafts, and more with high quality 1235 foil, you gain a hard working partner that consistently outperforms imitation grades. Its value remains unequaled for countless prepared food, cooking, household, and even industrial applications worldwide. Keep 1235 aluminum foil stocked for truly versatile foil you can rely on.


Common 1235 Alu Foil Uses in Food Preparation

As one of the most versatile cooking materials, let's explore some of the top specific uses for 1235 aluminum foil in food preparation:

Wrapping and Baking
Many baked goods rely on 1235 foil to retain moisture and shape during baking. Meats, vegetables, breads and more are wrapped tightly before placing in the oven. Foil forms easily to any pan size or food contours for perfect results.

Dummy Pan Substitution
When overflowing a pan, foil can serve as an extra makeshift pan without needing another oven-safe vessel. Simply crimp the edges to hold fillings or toppings above the original pan below.

Grill and Smoker Packaging
Meats like salmon, veggies such as asparagus, and even fruit kabobs get wrapped in foil packs before indirect grilling or smoking. Venting the top allows smoke penetration while keeping ingredients moist inside their pouch.

Roasting Pans
Heavy duty foil lines roasters, baker pans, and casserole dishes for easy cleanup of messy proteins and drippings. The foil contains spills and peels off post-cooking without anything stuck behind.

Leftover Storage
No container matches the ease and effectiveness of simple foil wraps for securing the freshness of leftovers in the fridge or for portable lunches. Tight seals lock in moisture and flavors.

Professional Cooking Applications

Beyond the home kitchen, commercial foodservice relies heavily on heavy-duty 1235 foil suitable for high-volume workloads:

Food Packaging
Bulk or individualized foil pouches seal in seasonings or sauces perfectly for steam tables, salad bars, delis, and more. Ideal for portion control and freshness retention.

Restaurants commonly use 1235 foil sheets as no-clean alternatives to real bakeware, from sheeting trays to makeshift pans. Easy breakdown and disposal saves on warewashing.

Cooking Vessels
Foil holds up remarkably well to griddling meats and veggies directly on its surface, or forming impromptu steamer baskets, roasting/baking pans for large batches.

Meal Assembly and Transport
Cafeterias, hospitals, schools, and caterers rely on heavy duty foil to wrap/seal sandwiches, salads, trays and more for serving lines and transport without leaks or tears.

Specialty Applications & More Creative Uses

While its primary functions center around food, 1235 aluminum foil finds many other applications 
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