100 Micron Aluminium Foil 8011 for Semi-Rigid Flexible Pipe

The materials chosen for air conditioning and ventilation systems have an impact on the product's performance after use. The two main concerns of every investor are efficiency and durability. There are numerous benefits of 100 micron aluminum foil, especially for the manufacture of flexible pipes. These pipes are becoming more and more popular in a variety of industrial and household applications because they have many advantages over traditional steel systems.

100 Micron Aluminum Foil Advantage

Considerably, the greatest advantage of this material for ducting is its inherent flexibility, which comes from the 100 micron aluminium foil . Rigid ducts, which are constrained by stiff pipes, are not the same as flexible ducts. It is simpler to bend and shape flexible ducts into any desired shape. The use of rigid pipes can be ineffective or ineffective in limited or complex environments, therefore, their flexibility results in an easier and more efficient installation.

Additionally, foil-based ducts' malleability ensures optimal airflow distribution without compromising efficiency or performance—this is true even when ducts are positioned around obstacles or in uneven building layouts. For modifying existing structures or changing the design mid-project, flexible pipes are ideal.


Specification of Aluminum Foil 100 micron

Name Aluminum Foil 100 micron Type Jumbo Roll
Alloy 8011 8079 Temper Soft/O
ID 76mm, 152mm OD >450mm, customized request
Thickness 0.1mm  100 micron Thickness tolerance +/-5%
Width 50mm-200mm Width tolerance +/-5%
Application Flexible Pipe,flexible duct Certificate ISO,FDA, EU ROHS ,SVHC

Are you likely to encounter these problems when purchasing aluminum foil raw materials 100 mic for ventilation ducts?

HTMM Aluminum Foil Product Quality: Inconsistent quality from batch to batch may result in variations in the performance and durability of air ducts. Product quality consistency. When we produce aluminum foil, each production line is intelligently controlled, and the quality of different batches all meets the standards.

HTMM Aluminum Foil Thickness Variation: Fluctuations in aluminum foil thickness can affect the structural integrity and effectiveness of ventilation systems. The thickness of our aluminum foil is controlled to a very small error.

Material Purity: Impurities in aluminum foil can compromise its corrosion resistance and longevity, causing premature ventilation duct failure. HTMM's raw materials are produced in-house and are not purchased from outside, so there is no need to worry about raw materials.

Aluminum Foil Surface: A poor surface finish can affect the appearance and functionality of your ventilation system, as well as its resistance to environmental factors such as moisture and dust. There are no impurities and pinholes on the surface of HTMM aluminum foil, so please feel free to use it

Supplier Reliability: Reliance on unreliable suppliers can lead to delays, shortages or even disruptions in ventilation duct production. HTMM has more than 15 years of export experience and has long-term customers in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. They give us orders regularly. We have a good reputation in many countries.

Cost issue: Fluctuations in aluminum raw material prices will affect the overall production cost and may affect the competitiveness of ventilation ducts in the market.
The price of HTMM aluminum foil raw materials depends on the price of aluminum raw materials, which will fluctuate with the price of raw materials.

If you are interest Aluminum foil raw materials .Please contact us.


What is the quality of aluminum foil raw materials 100 Micron ?

Environmental Compliance: Ensuring aluminum foil raw materials comply with environmental regulations and standards is critical to avoiding legal issues and maintaining sustainability credentials. HTMM aluminum foil has passed ISO, FDA, EU ROHS, SVHC testing, aluminum foil quality compliance

Delivery Time: Delivery delays in aluminum foil raw materials can disrupt production schedules and create inventory management challenges for ventilation system manufacturers. The delivery time of HTMM aluminum foil is generally about 30 days. Please contact us for specific specifications.
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