Happy Father's day - our  “aluminium” gifts

Remember when you were a kid, your father raised you over his head, or hold you to teach you how to walk.
Remember the father's hand, warm your childhood?
He is the man of the family, he was omnipotent in your memory.
He was always said "I'm ok, I'm fine".

However, with the time pass by. you realize you need to take care of the man who protect you when you were young.
The love between you and your father has always been deep and restrained. Perhaps you have never  express this love, but gifts can help you convey your heart.
June 21st is Father's Day this year. At this special occasion, let’s take a look at our list of  “aluminium” gifts and choose a heart-warming gift for Dad.

1. A crucian carp, salt 10g, pepper 15g, soy sauce 10g, grilled fish sauce 50g.

2.wash up the crucian, put salt and pepper, soy sauce,grilling sauce, spread equally before pickling, then wrap the fish with aluminium foil paper.

3.put the wrapped up fish in the oven, open the foil after grilled, a great flavour filled our noses. You can take it out and enjoy from now on!

Why is it better using aluminium foil to grill fish?

Because its high barrier properties, aluminium foil can prevent food from burnt, also make sure the food inside heated equally.

The advantage of wrapping food with aluminium foil is food can be done quickly with thick flavour and hard to get cold.

Gourmet comes to us silently and easily.

Tea wrapped in aluminum foil
In life, we should pay more attention to the father's preferences, for example, some fathers especially like to drink tea. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to choose a suitable tea as a gift.
Good tea is very particular in every aspect, not only for good quality, but also for unique packaging.Tea itself is easily affected by outside temperature, humidity, and light. Having excellent packaging materials can effectively guarantee the quality of tea.
At present, in addition to packaging tea with iron, paper, plastic, etc., aluminum foil packaging is very popular.
Because aluminum foil packaging has strong barrier, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, aroma-protecting, shading, etc., many high-quality teas are the first to use aluminum foil packaging.

Of course, it's also a good choice to give a healthy snack food to father as a gift.
There are many nut foods can be choose, such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts and so on, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are very beneficial to the heart of the elderly.
Nowadays, nuts, cooked food and other leisure food mostly contain independent small packaging, which is convenient to eat and carry.
Behind these packages, there are also intimate secrets.
Most of the independent sealing packaging of leisure food uses aluminum foil raw materials, because aluminum foil has good barrier, heat sealing, light blocking, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and fragrance retention, which can keep food fresh and extend the shelf life.
When buying leisure food as a gift, we may as well recognize the aluminum foil packaging, which can provide more intimate protection for food safety.
Happiness with "aluminum" healthy future
As a packaging material, aluminum foil, like the surging father's love, has a calm appearance but a warm heart. He hope that he can open his arms and do his best to ensure the safety and quality of food.

Long before time passed, and our parents are not old, to express love!
Love with heart is a kind of action.

As a packaging material, aluminum foil is like a surging father's love.The appearance is not shocking, but the heart is enthusiastic. I hope to stretch my arms and do my best to ensure the safety and quality of food.

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Take advantage of the time, parents are not old, express love!

"Love" attentively is an action.

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