Food Grade Aluminum Foil Household

Food Grade Aluminum Foil Household
Food grade aluminum foil is divided into different alloy grades. The more commonly used are 1060 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil and so on. Aluminum foil packaging bags made of these composite materials are widely used in cooked food, instant noodles and various snacks. On the packaging. In addition, F
ood aluminum foil can also be used as a variety of bento boxes and containers, which is very popular in the food distribution industry, which is convenient, safe and hygienic.
Food grade aluminum foil household is one of HTMM's advantageous products.

Aluminum foil household alloy is generally 8011, soft temper.
The thickness is: 0.008mm-0.02mm.
The width is: 200mm-800mm.
Inner diameter: 75mm 76mm 150mm 152mm
Outer diameter: 300mm-800mm
Food grade aluminum foil household Application:
Aluminum foil are household, kitchen, cooking, daily packaging, etc. Household aluminum foil is food grade, and can be in contact with food immediately, and can be used for almost all items in the kitchen. Cover pots or trays that cook food in the oven to facilitate cleaning up afterwards.
Aluminum foil rolls allow you to customize the specific size required for any pan or container.
Advantages of food grade aluminum foil household manufacturers
As a large-scale food-grade household aluminum foil manufacturer in China, the food grade aluminum foil produced by HTMM has undergone strict pinhole testing, degreasing technology and shape control, and the products are safe and sanitary, and meet food grade requirements. Therefore, food grade household aluminum foil has the advantages of clean surface, no oil stains, no bright lines and other sundries, and high elongation.
HTMM is a large scale food grade aluminum foil manufacturer, supplying various thicknesses of food grade aluminum foil for household use, various specifications and excellent quality. Welcome to consult and order!


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