Double Zero Aluminum Foil- How Is It Produced ?

Double zero aluminum foil- how is it produced ?

Aluminum foil is an excellent packaging material so far. It is non-toxic, odorless, light-shielding, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light material, high-barrier, anti-ultraviolet, easy to bend when used in deep processing, excellent adhesion and heat sealability, and good surface printing performance And other excellent characteristics. Double zero aluminium foil is the alu foil with two zeros after the decimal point when its thickness is measured in mm. The thickness is usually 0.006mm—0.0075mm, which is a high-end product in aluminum foil. It is said that the double zero aluminium foil is high-end, so where is the high-end and how is it produced ?

It is not difficult to produce al foil, but the difficulty lies in the production of double zero aluminum foil, especially ultra-thin double zero alu foil. At present, there are few factories in China that have stable production of
6 Micron aluminium foil. These companies all use imported equipment for production, such as Aschenbach in Germany, VAI and David in the UK, Mino and Fatta in Italy, and Kobe Steel in Japan. If the domestic aluminum foil rolling mill is used to produce 0.006mm alumino foil according to the general process, it is very difficult to produce, the finished product rate is less than 55%, the stripping rate is high, and the pinholes are tens of thousands.

In the packaging field where foil aluminum is widely used, more than 90% need to use double zero aluminum foil, especially in industries such as aluminum-plastic composite packaging, electrolytic capacitors, air conditioners and battery packaging. It can be said that the consumption level of aluminum foil is an important indicator of the degree of national economic development, especially the double zero aluminum foil.

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