Food grade 3003 aluminum foil manufacturer


3003 aluminum foil is a common product of AL-Mn alloys. 3003 aluminum foil has excellent anti-rust performance, strength is about 10% higher than 1100, good formability, solderability and corrosion resistance. It is the material of choice for packaging.
3003 aluminum foil is mainly used in electronic components (electronic foil), honeycomb materials, sound insulation of construction materials (viaducts, high-speed rail road insulation, etc.) and aluminum foil used as food packaging (3003 aluminum foil packaging bags, vacuum aluminum foil, food container ) and other industries.
HTMM food grade 3003 aluminum foil manufacturer is a large scale Chinese aluminum foil manufacturer integrating scientific research, production and processing. HTMM food grade 3003 aluminum foil all passed strict pinhole inspection, degreasing process and shape control to fully ensure food grade 3003 The surface of the aluminum foil is flat, clean, no spots, no pinholes, the water brush test reaches grade A, the color is uniform, and all properties meet the international food grade requirements!
In addition, in response to the recent covid-19 epidemic, the HTMM food grade 3003 aluminum foil factory not only ensures a stable supply of high-quality aluminum foil, but also achieves sterility in the entire production environment. We conduct strict inspection and disinfection of vehicles entering and leaving the factory, thoroughly disinfecting the workshop twice a day, and thoroughly disinfecting each product and packaging, so that you can buy with confidence!
In order to ensure long-term quality and efficient service quality, HTMM arranges a dedicated team to communicate on product customization, pre-sales, during and after sales. Immediate response after sales can ensure the customer's use.


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