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Aluminum foil is one of the oldest applications for packaging. It has been used in chocolate packaging since 1911. Until today, aluminum foil is more widely used. Used in products such as butter, snacks, cheese and tobacco. Many of these products are laminated or coated with aluminum foil, paper or plastic, respectively, and can be used in the form of sealed or self-adhesive packaging, they are impermeable or almost impermeable, and ensure the authenticity of the content.
Household aluminum foil refers to aluminum foil used by households to package and store food. It has the advantages of convenient use and safety. It is also widely used in kitchens, restaurants, hotels and restaurants.
Household aluminum foil is the aluminum foil product that we can see in daily life. People can buy it in supermarkets and nearby stores. The general specifications of household aluminum foil are as follows. The thickness is 0.008-0.03mm, the width is 200-600mm, the length is 8-50m / roll, it is wound on the paper core with a certain strength, the alloy is mainly 8011 annealed aluminum alloy. Household aluminum foil has the advantages of light weight and safety, which can help people wrap food, refrigerate food, and keep food fresher. Can help people support a large number of deformed food.
Semi-rigid aluminum foil for making  trays and containers . They can be simply produced by deep drawing using a standard deep drawing press, have heat resistance and bending resistance, and can be supplied in a variety of colors. They are mainly used for frozen food and ready-to-eat food in catering companies and aircraft catering, as well as for the packaging of jam, honey, milk and sausage products


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