Al foil manufacturer in China

Al foil manufacturer in China

HTMM is the leading company in the field of al foil manufacturer in China. We supply aluminum foil to all over the world. at our research center, our industrial engineers developed new technologies to improve the performance of aluminum foil for various uses. Due to our aluminum foil rolling process, HTMM products have different characteristics and sizes. for various industrial and packaging uses. we produce a complete aluminum foil production line for industrial use and packaging, so customers can find suitable solutions according to their thickness and size requirements.
Al foil can be treated by chemical process for different applications. Aluminum is a very soft material that can be used in the packaging industry, especially food and medicine, but we are able to make it according to each specific demand. Find the right solution for the customer.
Alu foil is very important for us to provide the right choice for different uses of alu foil.HTMM is an al foil manufacturer for packaging and industry. Customers can request specific products according to their orders. In the food industry, alu foil is the right choice for product packaging: the main features are portability, flexibility and resistance. al foil can also be fully recycled, which is another reason for choosing this material to create custom packaging.

HTMM is the correct al foil supplier you need to create personalized products. Our certification proves that our company adopts high safety standards in its production activities and proves the efficiency of our supply chain and quality management system. Al foil is more effective and safe to use in your production environment. Corrosion resistant, lightweight and recyclable. HTMM provide a variety of different industrial aluminum foil and packaging aluminum foil.


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