8011 Household aluminum foil


The thickness of 8011 O of household aluminum foil is 0.008 mm-0.04mm, the width is 200-800 mm, the inner diameter of coil is 76 mm or 152 mm. At present, when you visit a large supermarket, you will see some household aluminum foil, but it is hardly noticed. This household aluminum foil is a thin and soft aluminum foil similar to the preservation film. Because aluminum foil is non-toxic, tasteless, and can keep warm and fresh, it can be used for steaming, frying, barbecue and cooking. Most of the household aluminum foil sold in supermarkets is small rolls of household aluminum foil, while the household aluminum foil giant rolls are supplied by Chinese aluminum foil manufacturers.
8011 Household alu foil The aluminum foil raw materials used in household aluminum foil are generally made of 8001- O and 8011- O aluminum foil. They are continuously cast, rolled, heated after rolling, longitudinal cut and thoroughly annealed, and processed into customer specifications. Household aluminum foil is widely used in packaging field, especially in food packaging industry. It has outstanding advantages in barrier, moisture permeability, shading, health safety, recyclability and environmental protection. It is a common material for green safety packaging and can be recycled.
HTMM is a large aluminum foil manufacturer and exporter in China. The company can produce a variety of width and thickness of household aluminum foil. 8011 Household aluminum foil products through SGS,FAD,ISO, food grade safety. HTMM we have successfully exported to more than 60 countries and regions, deeply loved by users.



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