Wide application of aluminum foil

Regarding aluminum foil, how much do you know, there are many people who say that we don't understand and hardly know its usefulness. Then when we taste the chocolate, we will peel off the wrapping paper wrapped around the chocolate. The wrapping paper is made of aluminum foil. At this time, some people retorted that the chocolate wrapping paper should be tin foil. This is a small change.
The previous aluminum foil could not be rolled very thin, and the cost was relatively high, so it was tin foil instead. But with the continuous advancement of technology, the problem of not being able to thin has been solved. The packaging of chocolate or other small foods is now the world of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is safer and more sanitary than tin foil. As a tin metal, tin foil is lead-containing. As we all know, lead has a hindrance to the body's calcium absorption and is harmful to human health. Aluminum foil does not have this damage, so it is safer and healthier. As a relatively abundant resource in metal resources, aluminum has been widely used in various fields.
Industrially treated aluminum can be turned into very thin aluminum foil. It is characterized by a small weight and a large surface area for rolling in the same quality of metal, which reduces the cost. In addition, its thermal conductivity is very strong, so it is widely used in food packaging, food processing. On the basis of equivalence, there is no advantage that other metals can be compared with them: corrosion resistance, so often treated with anti-corrosion. Even more amazing is that although aluminum foil has a very strong thermal conductivity.
In summary, we can understand that the application of small, inconspicuous aluminum foil paper is so extensive. It is active in: gold card packaging, flexible packaging, beverage industry, cigarette packaging, capacitors and construction industry, with a small body glowing in different fields.
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