Why are good chocolates wrapping in Aluminium foil metal paper

Aluminum foil and its composite materials have moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and light blocking properties. More conducive to long-term preservation of chocolate. There are also many aluminum foil composite materials such as coffee, milk powder, and chicken essence.
The aluminum foil paper is not for the purpose of chocolate, but the heat conductivity of the metal is very good. If it is a mold, the plastic is obviously plastic. Then why use aluminum foil? The raw materials of chocolate are: cocoa cake made from cocoa beans and cocoa butter, sugar, milk, etc. If the chocolate is directly exposed to light, the cocoa butter will react with the moisture and oxygen in the air, the smell of chocolate. And the taste will be lost, there will be no chocolate scent when peeling chocolate paper and delicious when eating, aluminum foil paper used to keep the chocolate delicious, in addition to the role of insect proof and bacteria.
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