Cardboard foil 6.0μm~7.0μm The metal luster of aluminum foil is used for product packaging, which requires high quality of aluminum foil surface and sub-surface quality. Wine box, cosmetic box Asphalt bag aluminum foil 6.35um The barrier property of aluminum foil is used to prevent moisture and bacteria. The needle hole of aluminum foil is extremely strict, and the shape of the plate is also extremely high. Liquid beverage package, milk package Food soft packaging foil 6.5μm, 7μm, 9μm The requirements of cardboard foil and aseptic aluminum foil are combined, and the aluminum foil is required to satisfy both the barrier property and the surface. Milk powder bag, fruit bag, coffee bag, tea bag, chocolate packaged cigarette foil 6.0μm, 6.5μm, 7μm Mainly use the luster and moisture resistance of aluminum foil, used for inner and outer packaging capacitor foil and cable foil 5.0μm, 5.5μm, 6.0um Mainly utilizes the specific surface, capacitance and shielding effect of aluminum foil. Industrial capacitors, shielded cables Insulation materials 6.5μm, 7μm, 9μm Insulation and barrier properties of aluminum foils Thermal insulation materials for construction.
HTMM produces high quality flexible packaging aluminum foil . we have more than 10 years of export experience. Flexible packaging aluminum foil is exported to more than 60 countries. Quality testing is certified by SGS, FDA and ISO. If you have any questions about aluminum foil, please contact us and your information will be clear to our timely attention.
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