which side of aluminum foil should touch the food

We often use tin foil when baking or grilling, but tin foil is not made of tin. It is a habitual name. In fact, it should be called aluminum foil. There are several advantages to using aluminum foil:
1. Aluminum foil paper can prevent food from sticking to the baking tray, which is convenient for cleaning the baking tray;
2. When aluminum foil paper is baked with seasoning food, it can prevent the seasoning from falling;
3. Aluminum foil paper can prevent moisture loss and maintain the tender taste of food;
4. Aluminum foil paper covered with tin foil when baking bread or cake can prevent the surface from being too dark;
5. Aluminum foil paper can make the food evenly heated and prevent burning.
When we used aluminum foil to bake food, we found that the two sides of the aluminum foil paper were different. The brighter side of the paper was called matte side, and the bright side was called the photosensitive surface. When baking food with aluminum foil, use a matte finish to contact the food. Use a matte finish to contact the food, and the photosensitive surface is exposed. If you accidentally use it, the photosensitive surface is in contact with the food, which may cause the food to stick to the aluminum foil.
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