Where to buy household aluminium foil

Aluminum foil roll is a commonly used packaging material. In addition to its packaging, it also has a lot of other functions. For example, some people think that aluminum foil can be used in cooking. The main function of the oven is to bake food. When roasting food, not only the food should be placed on the baking tray. In order to avoid the loss of taste, the corresponding thing is needed to wrap the food. Some people think of the 8011 aluminium foil roll.
1. Anti-greasy, help cleaning
After use, simply remove the household aluminium foil to make cleaning easier. In the same way, it is also possible to spread the greasy ingredients on the dip board to avoid the oil staining of the board. Before cooking, you can attach the 8011 aluminium foil to the front wall of the gas stove to avoid the oil stains that are sprayed.
2. Wrap the ingredients to roast and flavor
Wrap the ingredients in a household aluminium foil for grilling, such as creamy crabs, grilled clams, etc., to lock in the sweetness of the ingredients!
 Household aluminium foil jumbo roll generally split surface and matte surface. The matte surface is more likely to absorb heat, so the matte side should face the light and heat, and the effect will be exerted. Therefore, when roasting, the food is wrapped in the glossy aluminum foil, and the fog is facing the charcoal fire, and the meat is easily cooked.
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