8011 aluminium foil for Heat sealing

HTMM Aluminium food grade Heat sealing 8011 aluminium foil is non-taxic and tasteless, It’s suitable for sealing containers of various materials, has a wide application in food , medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, machine oil,detergents, hair care products, liquor and other fields.

8011 aluminium foil  has anti - leakage, fresh, anti - counterfeiting, anti - theft, anti - moisture and other functions, but also has a good antibacterial ability.It ’s an ideal material for packaging products.

The advantages of HTMM Heat sealing 8011 aluminium foil :
1. Clean and hygienic, ensure food is not contaminated, and extend the shelf life of food
2. It has good light-shielding properties,it can protective for products sensitive to the sunlight.
3. Few pinholes, good barrier and heat sealing performance.

8011 aluminum foil, very soft, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic, clean surface, uniform color, very suitable packaging material, 8011 aluminum foil reaches brush A grade, excellent moisture resistance and high blocking ability of shading, increasing food storage time.
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