What are the advantages of high-quality 1235 aluminum foil for packaging?

1235 aluminum foil belongs to the pure aluminum foil series. It has excellent characteristics. It has a soft texture, good ductility, and a silvery white gloss on the surface. Therefore, in daily life, it will be used to plate on the packaging to make aluminum-plated packaging bags, or pure aluminum packaging bags. And has been loved by our customers.
Aluminum foil packaging bags are mostly used in meat and food products, such as mustard aluminum foil packaging, cooked meat aluminum foil packaging bags, etc. What are the advantages of packaging bags made of 1235 aluminum foil? First of all, 1235 aluminum foil has good barrier functions, easy forming, easy welding, and good printing effects. These advantages provide conditions for making high-quality aluminum foil packaging. Secondly, the packaging bag made of 1235 aluminum foil can be anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, isolated from the conditions of bacterial reproduction, and ensure the quality of the product; the safety of the aluminum foil packaging bag has also become its biggest advantage in packaging food; the aluminum foil packaging is resistant to high temperatures Low temperature resistance, you can use it to package food throughout the year; aluminum foil packaging material combination is tight, has good flexibility, can prevent food collision during transportation.
It is precisely because there are so many advantages that 1235 aluminum foil packaging can get better and better on the road of selling. The thickness of 1235 aluminum foil for flexible packaging bags is 0.0055-0.03mm, which is bright on one side and matte on the other. HTMM is committed to the deep processing of aluminum foil. The 1235 aluminum foil produced is uniform in thickness, clean, hygienic and shiny. It can be well integrated with other packaging materials, and the printing effect on the surface of the aluminum foil is also good. Welcome to consult!

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