The advantages of aluminum foil use for packaging

The advantages of aluminum foil use for packaging are obvious. It has good barrier properties, heat sealability, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, non-toxic and odorless, can effectively form a protective layer, so that the rice is in a "sleep" state, thus The changes in fatty acid, reducing sugar and viscosity of rice are relatively small, the effective shelf life is extended, and the original taste of rice is retained.

According to survey data, taking aluminum foil, plastic woven bags, and composite plastic bags as examples, after three months of storage at different temperatures and different packaging materials, the taste value and taste of rice will change differently. The extension of aluminum foil packaging is better than woven bags and composite plastic bags.
The rice that is separated from the protection of chaff requires long-distance transportation, and the packaging material requires high abrasion resistance.
Aluminum foil packaging has strong tensile properties and is basically lossless during transportation. In addition, the aluminum foil packaging surface is smooth, which can be designed with special trademarks or patterns, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect and can highlight the distinctive effect of the product.

A good food packaging, exquisite patterns can highlight the characteristics and flavor of rice itself, giving consumers a sense of beauty. And good packaging materials can protect the quality of rice and maintain a delicious taste. The combination of both is undoubtedly to put rice on high-end outerwear that is excellent both inside and outside, which can attract consumers more.


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