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Single zero foil is a foil with a thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm. Single zero foil is widely used in beverage packaging, flexible packaging, cigarette packaging, capacitors and construction. We are familiar with pharmaceutical packaging foils, tape foils, food packaging foils. , electronic foil, etc. are all single foil. The single-zero foil made of aluminum foil is also widely used. If it is used so widely, what problems should you pay attention to when purchasing?
Aluminum foil may not be perfect in the production process. Some defects are not easy to see after processing, and will not have much impact in the initial stage of use, but it is not good for the experience experience. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to the problem that the single zero foil has pinholes, uneven gloss, bright marks, thickness difference, oil stain, vibration marks, water spots, slits, and tension lines. The aluminum foil used in the architectural decoration needs to have a smooth and beautiful surface, so the oil stains and water spots are preferably not, and the slit tension line problem is also best, and can be avoided.
HTMM has been engaged in the processing and production of aluminum foil and foil for more than 10 years. The mechanized processing technology, first-class R&D team and advanced technical equipment have made all kinds of single and zero foils produced by HTMM reach the international advanced level. Single zero foil performance advantages of HTMM:
1, the version is regular, the surface is smooth and oil-free, there is no black oil point, bright line and so on.
2. High strength and hardness, excellent formability and easy processing.
3. Excellent corrosion resistance and strong tensile strength.
4, safety and health without pollution, have a certain welding performance, stress corrosion cracking ability.
HTMM can produce O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24 and other single-zero foils, among which 3003 lunch box foil, 8011 medicine foil, 8011 food foil, 1235, 8079 soft foil, etc. are all HTMM stars. Products, these single zero foils are of superior quality, flat and flawless.
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