Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil manufacturer HTMM

The new GMP implemented in China since 2013 has improved the quality standards of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and pharmaceutical packaging aluminium foil materials, and has greatly strengthened the supervision of the production process.
It is conditional that those pharmaceutical manufacturers that only pursue cost and ignore quality will be eliminated, and those that are honest and trustworthy oriented by quality will definitely grow.
Inferior packaging materials manufacturers will use inferior materials, but will be eliminated, and high-quality professional packaging material manufacturers will certainly develop rapidly.
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil is used as aluminum foil foil in blister packaging for hygienic packaging of pharmaceutical preparations such as tablets, pills, capsules and medical equipment. This packaging method ensures that the medicine meets the required shelf life standards and provides adequate protection from external influences. Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil can be sealed to different blister packaging substrates such as PVC, PVdC, PET, PP and cold formed laminates.
The Chinese government has implemented a new version of GMP since 2013, which has completed the quality standards for pharmaceuticals, food accessories and pharmaceutical packaging, and has strengthened supervision during the production process.
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