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Packaging made from aluminum foil is most widely used in the food industry. Many foods are easily affected by sunlight, which can damage their appearance and reduce their taste. Aluminum foil solves this problem in the best possible way, which is why aluminum foil is often considered the ideal core packaging material for dairy products, tobacco packaging, pastries and beverages.
Aluminum foil has the ability to form various shapes and protective properties, making it the most widely used packaging material in the world. In addition, a key benefit is that the aluminum foil packaging material can be completely recycled and used unlimited times.
Aluminum foil is thin and sturdy, striking because of its silver glitter, and is an integral part of our lives. Its unique insulating properties make aluminum foils suitable for almost any packaging.
Aluminum foil is nothing more than aluminum alloy coils with a thickness between 0.006 and 0.2 mm. Aluminum foil is eight times thicker than banknotes, but it provides excellent protection against light, liquids and bacteria. Because of these characteristics, the shelf life of many foods packaged in aluminum foil materials often exceeds 12 months.
HTMM  is a professional aluminium foil roll manufacturer and exporter. It supplies aluminium foil for food packaging, medicinal aluminum foil roll, aluminum foil rolls for lithium ion battery, air conditioning foil, cable foil, container foil and other products. offering stable quality and favorable price. Welcome to contact us.
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