HTMM Aluminium foil Advantage

About a quarter of all aluminum foils produced in the world are used for technical purposes in the construction, transportation and other industries. The majority of all aluminum foil production is used to produce various types of household and food packaging.
Packaging made from aluminum foil is most widely used in the food industry. Many foods are easily affected by sunlight, which can damage their appearance and reduce their taste. Aluminum foil solves this problem in the best possible way, which is why aluminum foil is generally considered as the ideal core packaging material for dairy products, pastries and beverages, and cigarette packs. For example, the shelf life of milk powder in a sealed package made of laminated foil is 2 years.
Aluminum foil is non-toxic, so it won't damage the food packed in it, but it will protect them. Aluminum foil is used in food containers, cigarette packaging, bottle caps, household, industrial, flexible packaging for liquid or bulk food, and many other types of containers.
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