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China pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil manufacturer-HTMM provides pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil 8011 8079. The application of medicinal aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging includes: blister packaging of tablets and capsules, powder particles and liquid bags, aluminum-plastic composite gaskets and aluminum packaging.
The specifications of pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil are:
Alloy grade: 8011, 8079
Temper: O, H18.
Thickness: 0.018-0.03 mm
Width: 100-1650mm
HTMM provides pharma aluminum foil with excellent corrosion resistance, light shielding and barrier properties. An oxide film is naturally formed on the surface of the aluminum foil, and the formation of the oxide film can further prevent the oxidation from continuing. Therefore, when the package has a high acidity or alkalinity, a protective coating or a PE coating is usually applied to the surface to improve its corrosion resistance.
The medicinal aluminum foil has good light-shielding property, the reflectivity can be as high as 95%, and the appearance is silver-white metallic luster. The surface printing decoration can show good packaging and decorative effects, so aluminum foil is also a high-grade packaging material. The aluminum foil provided by the Chinese pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer has a high barrier to water, water vapor, light and aroma, and is not affected by the environment and temperature. Therefore, it is usually used in perfume packaging, moisture-proof packaging, etc. to prevent moisture absorption, oxidation and volatilization of the packaging.
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