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Almost all products requiring opaque or high-barrier composites in modern packaging use aluminum foil as a barrier layer. This is because aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure that completely blocks any gas, so it is widely used. It is expected that the packaging for pharmaceutical blister materials will account for 60%~70% of the tablets and capsules of future pharmaceuticals, and it is one of the best pharmaceutical packaging materials for development.
At present, the quality of China's pharmaceutical aluminum foil is far from the gap between imported aluminum foil. Judging from the actual situation reflected by several domestic enterprises producing PTP pharmaceutical packaging, there are mainly two problems.
First, the number of pinholes in pharmaceutical aluminum foil is far from the requirement. Aluminum foil pinholes are defects in penetration performance, which affect the barrier properties of aluminum foil, especially for pharmaceutical packaging. It is easy to make oxygen, water vapor, and light penetrate to reduce the efficacy of drugs. In the national standard, the medicine foil requires that the diameter of the pinhole is not more than 0.3 mm, and the diameter of 0.1 to 0.33 mm cannot be more than one/m2. At present, domestic aluminum foil rarely meets this standard.
Second, the pharmaceutical aluminum foil has uneven thickness and low tensile strength. Due to the uneven thickness of the aluminum foil, it is easy to cause the coating amount of the adhesive in the mechanical coating process of the PTP aluminum foil to reach the standard coating amount range, thereby affecting the enthalpy strength of the aluminum foil and the polyvinyl chloride hard sheet. Due to the uneven thickness, the low tensile strength causes the foil to be broken after the tension is applied in the actual processing, which is not conducive to the normal production. These problems require the attention of the raw material manufacturers.
The quality of 8011 pharmaceutical aluminum foil produced by HTMM is guaranteed. The aluminum foil produced by HTMM has 10 sets of excellent foil rolling mill equipment to ensure the stable output of medicinal aluminum foil. The medicinal aluminum foil version is flat, safe and hygienic, clean and uniform in color. No spotted pinhole, no oil; bacteria, mold and other tests, heavy metals do not exceed 0.2 million parts per million, strictly enforce industry standards, to ensure safety and health.
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