Packaging Food for BBQ, is it better to use aluminum foil or tin foil?

Aluminum Foil paper for bbq is usually stacked one by one, with cotton paper between each one, while aluminum foil paper is relatively stiff, easy to cut, and is mostly packed in rolls. The main component of tin foil is lead-tin alloy. The content of lead in tin foil is up to 50%. The national standard "refined aluminum foil" stipulates that the toxic elements in refined aluminum foil used for food packaging should meet the following regulations: lead: not greater than 0.01%, cadmium: not more than 0.01%, arsenic: not more than 0.01%. Therefore, the best choice for grilling is aluminum foil, and its lead content should comply with national standards.
When making baked goods, if you want to wrap the ingredients in aluminum foil, do not add seasoning sauce or lemon. Avoid the acidic substances in it to precipitate the metal of tin foil paper or aluminum foil paper and mix it into food to be absorbed by human body. Tin can irritate the stomach, and aluminum can cause dementia. If the kidney patient consumes too much aluminum, anemia will occur. It is recommended to replace the foil or aluminum foil with cabbage leaves and corn leaves, or use bamboo shoot shells, wild rice shells, and vegetable leaves as the bottom. This is not only pollution-free, healthy to eat, and delicious.
How to eat barbecue to be healthy?
1. Do not eat burnt parts. The carcinogen content is higher in the darker part. For those who can remove the skin, it is best to remove the skin and eat the meat inside, such as grilled chicken, grilled fish and so on.
2. Wrap the barbecue with raw green leafy vegetables, which can greatly reduce the toxicity of carcinogens. Or use kale, broccoli, cauliflower and other crucifers to mix a cold dish, is the "detoxifying enzyme" that accelerates the discharge of carcinogens. Can also be eaten with tomato sauce. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Lycopene has a strong antioxidant capacity and the ability to block the synthesis of carcinogens.
3. Eat with foods rich in dietary fiber. For example, roasting some potatoes and lotus roots when grilling meat can both nourish the stomach and increase dietary fiber. But remember, the potatoes must be roasted until half-cooked. Half-baked potato chips have the effect of clearing intestines.
4. Try not to drink alcohol when you eat barbecue, especially beer. Alcohol accelerates blood flow, dilates blood vessels in the digestive tract, makes carcinogens more easily absorbed by the body, and increases the risk of gout. Drinks can be replaced with yogurt, which helps protect the gastric mucosa.
5. After eating barbecue, it is recommended to eat the following foods: garlic, allicin contained in garlic has good sterilization effect, can kill toxins and bacterial substances in barbecue, prevent cardiovascular disease or liver The occurrence of hardening; mung bean soup, mung bean soup has good heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, can promote the body's metabolism, excrete excess metabolites and toxins in the body, and prevent getting irritated by barbecue; fruits rich in vitamin C have anti-cancer properties efficacy.


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