Packaging aluminum foil 8011

Packaging aluminum foil 8011

Packaging aluminum foil 8011 is famous for its heat insulation effect and several other uses. Used in the entire food service industry and residential space.

Packaging aluminum foil 8011 can block light, oxygen, odor, flavor, moisture and bacteria, and can be used for medicine and food packaging. Used in beverages and dairy products, so the use of refrigeration is restricted. Used to wrap various sandwiches, burritos and egg tarts to keep food calories and freshness.

Packing aluminum foil 8011 is widely used for heat insulation, heat exchanger and cable lining. When using heat, it provides a reflective barrier. In heat exchangers, it provides thermal conductivity; in wires and cables, it provides a conductive barrier.

The packaging aluminum foil 8011 is made of extremely thin metal materials, which are laminated on special paper to increase strength. Therefore, the paper is flexible, wrinkle-resistant and durable. After the aluminum foil is combined with other materials, the topcoat can also be applied to improve the printing effect. Aluminum foil is well used for labels and food packaging.

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